Susan Horowitz is an artist/curator whose L.A. projects developed as a visual, literary + historical search to comprehend this extraordinary modern urban terrain of nature + architecture. Projects have focused on the L.A. River, Olmsted Plan, Griffith Park, Franklin Canyon, L.A. neighborhoods + the exceptional architecture of Wright, Neutra, Schindler, Gehry, Mayne,etc. as well as vernacular L.A.  Current ongoing projects URBAN FLUX + GLOBAL TOURISM explore views of international urban issues.

SOME SHULMAN ARCHITECTURE emerged from research related to PERSPECTIVES/THE WHITE CITY, a photographic examination of the 1930's international style White City of Tel Aviv. Ironically the research led to the discovery that one of the noted architects, Ben-Ami Shulman, had emigrated to L.A. + in this case the international project about a rediscovered, significant architect directed me back to an L.A.

The website SOMESHULMANARCHITECTURE.COM presents an exploration of Shulman + the results represent an unusual, ironic facet in the history of L.A. architecture. The doc/video SOME SHULMAN ARCHITECTURE premiered at the 2014 L.A. New Urbanism Film Festival. The project was the subject of an exhibition at the L.A. AIA in 2015. 

TEL AVIV- THE WHITE CITY + BEYOND, a 2017 exhibition at the AJRCA, curated by Sara Cannon, featured both projects. 

The ARCHIVE lists previous projects- email for images + further information.