Tel Aviv- The White City + Beyond                                       

AJRCA L.A. exhibition curated by Sara Cannon                                                           exhibition in association with artist Carol Bishop

The exhibition presents views of the 1930's modernist architecture of the White City of Tel Aviv from the 2014 Perspectives- White City of Tel Aviv project originally presented at Hennessey + Ingalls Art + Architecture Books.  The Some Shulman Architecture project, originally exhibited at the AIA-LA in 2015, will represent the "+ Beyond" aspect as it developed out of the discovery that Ben-Ami Shulman, one of the noted Tel Aviv 30's architects practiced in L.A. from 1960-86.

exhibition dates- 2/12-5/17/2017                                                                                      AJRCA  (Academy of Jewish Religion CA.-L.A.)                                                              3250 Wilshire Blvd.#550 L.A.,CA.90010